A little island adventure

This past weekend was so action packed that I don’t even know what to start with.

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Mass. for a wine tasting in Dartmouth. New England is seriously so green & beautiful in the summer.    

 Coastal Vineyards specializes in white wines which we are usually not a fan of but we were won over! We even bought a bottle to bring home.

After the vinyard, we went to a nearby beach called Horseneck beach.  

 On Sunday, we decided to continue our beach theme and took a trip to Block Island with our pup in tow. 

It turns out.. Milo is terrified of heights so he hated the ferry ride. 

We spent the day in and out of the water, eating and exploring. It’s such a cute little island and we can’t wait to go back!!    

   Until next time! 



New England in the sun 

People keep asking me what the biggest differences are between living in Rhode Island and Dallas/Oklahoma. 

Apart from the obvious answer, (the weather!) I’ve been noticing all the things you can do outside around the area. In Dallas, if you wanted to hang out outside 1. You might have a heat stroke 2. Your options really close to the city were limited.. You could lay by an apartment pool, sit on a outdoor patio and have some drinks or you could hang out on Katy Trail. At least.. That’s how it was in my bubble while I lived there. While I loved enjoying a good margarita and soaking up the sunshine, it’s nice to have options! 

Since I’ve lived here I’ve done a ton of things outside.. Like the cliff walk in Newport, outdoor farmers markets, and just this weekend I went strawberry picking on a ridiculously pretty farm!  

My friend & I filled our quart-size containers full of perfectly ripened strawberries and then had a nice lunch outside with an amazing view of the farm. I can’t wait to go back when they have more fruits to choose from! 

There are a ton of outdoor activities on my list & I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on my favorites! 

Any must-do outdoor activities I need to consider in the New England area? Let me know!

Home sweet (new) home

I’ve been a Rhode Island resident for about three weeks now. In that short amount of time, it has snowed twice (Even though it’s Spring). The general weather is cold, super windy and so far, very rainy. Every person I talk to keeps reassuring me that it gets better and that New England is amazing in the Summer so I’m just patiently waiting for that. 

The good news is Milo loves the snow and doesn’t mind the cold one bit.  

 I can’t lie, even though it’s cold.. Rhode Island is really pretty. I can’t wait to do lots of exploring and short road trips. The best part? FOOD. There is so much Italian and the pizza is delicious. I’m pretty sure I’m going to gain 15lbs in my first few months.    

(Allie’s donuts = new obsession)

 Any East Coast adventures that I can’t miss? Let me know. 

Road trip: NYC 

A little delayed with my last post from the road trip. We spent the most time in New York City out of any of the places on our road trip, because there’s so much to see!  

We stayed in Time Square which was very difficult with Mr. Milo. We took him to daycare on day one so we could go sight seeing. His daycare was in Chelsea so we went to the Chelsea Market and then walked along the high line.  

 My world pretty much revolves around food and drink so we had mini doughnuts and Gelato at the market. Bonus: the gelato was buy one get one and we had no idea until we paid. 

That evening we wandered to Brooklyn to meet up with my friend from college for some drinks. We later learned that we missed a big opportunity by not eating pizza in Brooklyn. Next time for sure! 

On day two, we ventured to Central Park with Milo, but not before a mandatory stop at Shake Shack.  

  Photos from the day:   
  Since it was the St. Patty’s day celebration in NYC, we had to head out after the park to beat all the traffic. 

We will definitely be heading back to NYC soon. What should we do? 

Road trip: Washington DC 

This week we continued our “Rhode Trip” and decided to making the nations capital one of our stops. My boyfriend & I had never been there & have heard that it’s an amazing city.   

Besides the insane traffic, it was a really good time! We took Mr. Milo to doggie daycare when we got there so that we could explore on our own. 

We went to the National Hollocaust museum first. It’s a great museum but since we were only be able to get the last time slot of the day, we had to rush through the last two floors because it was closing. It took us two hours to get through the first two floors because there’s so much to read and look at. 

After that, we just walked around the city looking at all the beautiful sites. We walked all along the reflection pool and way the Lincoln Memorial and all around the area. 

  The only thing we really felt we missed out on is seeing the White House. We struggled to find it (or find where we could actually see it, I should say) and by the time we were looking, our feet were killing us so we gave up. 
For dinner, we ventured over to the Adams Morgan area. It took us a good 30 minutes to decided where to eat because there were so many options. We opted for some soul food at a place called Madams Organ. It was a fun atmosphere with a live bar and some crazy decor! 

The next day we had to head out early for our next destination. Anything we really should have seen while we were in DC? Let me know for next time! 

Road trip: Nashville

I’ve been slacking on keeping up with the blog but I have a good reason.. I’m moving to Rhode Island. My boyfriend got a job transfer and it happened really fast and we pretty much had 2.5 weeks to get everything in order. 

We are currently driving across country on our “rhode trip” and making a fun trip out of it by stopping in interesting cities along the way. The first day was pretty mellow, we drove from Dallas to Moore, Oklahoma where I’m from and visited my family for a bit. In the evening we drove from Moore to Kansas to see Mark’s family.   

Then we had a full day of driving to Nashville! We have Milo with us and he was such a trooper for being in the car for 9 hours. Neither of us had ever been to Nashville before and while we didn’t have much time there, we loved it!  

 IWe walked around and took Milo on a big walk across the bridge and through the Hall of Fame park.    

We couldn’t visit Nashville without experiencing some local barbecue.    


We ended the night with a few cocktails on Broadway. 

Now we’re headed to Virginia for our next stop! Anything we need to see along the way? Let me know! 


Dallas in February

My favorite thing about living in Texas is the fact that we get a good amount of patio days in the winter! My birthday was last weekend and I got so lucky with the weather. It ended up being 70+ degrees so I got all my friends together for a big birthday brunch on Saturday!   

After we ate we wandered over to a bar called The Social House because they have a big backyard area with giant games. We played giant beer pong, jenga and bubble soccer. My friends took no mercy and I ended up covered in bruises & a toe injury (yuck) the next day from the bubble soccer.   

As most people do, I had an entire birthday weekend so on Sunday my girlfriends and I went to a second brunch complete with bloody Mary’s topped with chicken wings and an afternoon of shopping. 

It was a weekend with perfect weather and a great reminder of how awesome my friends are. Here are some more pictures from the weekend.    

Anyone have any fun weekend plans for this weekend? Dallas is going to be gorgeous again & my parents are coming in town so it should be a good time.